AC would probably be your best choice. Less of everything on Caye Caulker. Maybe a day trip to Caulker would be a good idea. The Winnie Estelle is fun trip even if you don't snorkel.

Caribean Villas are wonderful and the Lala's are very nice people. We have stayed right next store at Coral Bay Villas for the last 2 years, 7 trips.

Bugs shouldn't be a problem. You can pretty much walk to everything from CaribV, or if so inclined you can rent a golf cart for the stay. Pricey, but sometimes worth the $$$. If you do, Moncho's would probably be the best (newer equiptment) The prices are all the same.

AC has great food. You will be only a short walk from The Patio, and Jade Garden. There is a small grocery 100 yards from CaribV for incidentals, anything else needs to come from the Island Grocery about a 1/4 mile further. Rocks little grocery has fewer and fewer items since the Island Groc. opened.

Have fun.