Hey folks! My family and I (2 adults, 3 daughters) will be in AC in late May/early June. The muni tip that I found on here will net us about $270 savings in airline fees ... more than justifying the $25 taxi ride from international to muni.

What I didn't see in my searches on the topic is:
1. Do any of you foresee an issue getting a family of 5 into a single taxi in belize city? I'm less worried about being able to fit us and luggage than I am about city capacity regulations for taxis (in the US, the absolute max is typically 4 per taxi). Logic tells me it won't be an issue, but might as well ask the dumb question.

2. Does anyone have any info on a car/taxi service that we could pre-arrange? Years of traveling for business have instilled in me a preference for pre-arranging my ground transport (plus I could get some assurance/agreement that the above will not be an issue that complicates or delays our transfer).

Thanks for any input.