On the night of 3 April 2007 around 10:22pm, the fist of 2 boats of Hondurans were arrested for fishing illegally in Gladden Spit Silk Marine Reserve the second was around 11:30pm. They were fishing the spawning aggregations which is illegal at night. There was over 500 pounds of fish caught between these 2 boats. These 8 fishermen were charged for no documentation and no fishing licenses etc. They were found guilty by the Magistrate in Dangriga and all items confiscated and given over to Fisheries.

Just a reminder that until the Magistrate rules on charges against anyone the Rangers bring in all items boats, engines and especially fish, lobster and conch are evidence and can not be sold or given away. If the Magistrate rules that items are to be confiscated he, our co-manager and Friends of Nature will decide how or what to do with said items. Anyone caught taking any of these items may be charged for theft as well.

Good Job Rangers of Gladden Spit Silk Caye Marine Reserve!!