I'm currently watching this film, 15 minutes a time when I can. I find it very disturbing. In it you can see how a monstrous ego, selfishness and a callous disregard for others grew by the acquisition of power to produce a man of pure evil. What is most disturbing is that there are people here, probably anywhere, who with the right circumstances and chances could follow the same course.

I find it very difficult to watch, mainly because I knew the man and people he killed, and while I managed to escape with my life I had personal friends who weren't so lucky. I was in Uganda in '71 and '72, which was Amin's transition period. When I arrived most people still regarded him as their saviour who had removed the despot Obote. By the time I left the secret police were everywhere, and few people doubted that he was insane and very dangerous. I was arrested and held in the central police station for three days, a place that few people emerged from alive, before inexplicably being released. Within a few hours I was out of the country and have never been back, but good friends of mine just disappeared. For all its petty problems Belize has never gone that way, and please God it never will. It is worth remembering though that the colonial history of Belize is quite similar to that of Uganda.

Amin is chillingly convincingly portrayed by Forest Whitaker, a role for which he richly deserved his Oscar. I commend this film to all of you. Tech Transylvania have it.