Mr. Greife, you make some wrong assumptions. I am not a permanent resident of
AC. I do not have voting privileges in Belize and therefore no political influence. A description of me would be closer to the way you describe your involvement in Belize. So you could ask of yourself the questions you ask of me.
I have had the experience of spending some part of every year in Belize since 1969. I first came to Belize for the fishing. I fly fish, spin fish, baitfish, spearfish and any other kind of fishing that I find enjoyable. What troubles me is when one segment of our fishing brotherhood suggests that because all others do not follow their practices; like catch and release those that donít are less of a conservationist. Donít get me wrong, I am a firm believer in catch and release for some species. But, to suggest that the local fisherman that keeps the snapper he catches when he takes out a tourist is damaging the resource is not near as important as addressing the damage to the marine eco-system as a result of, IMO, development at a pace beyond what the environment and infrastructure of the island can handle.

Now as to your added comments, not related to fishing, about the tax basis, etc. look at what you pay for taxes on your condo in relation to what those taxes would be if that condo was say on the beaches of Florida. Put that in perspective of what services the government gives.

Anyway, look me up the next time you are on the island and if I am here I would enjoy continuing this conversation with you. I think it is worth discussing.

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