This thread was about Fishing. The pros of No-Fishing zones. All of a sudden we are talking about Eco harming Condo's, tax Basis, Belikin drinkers, and Cuban cigars. Can anyone say " High Jack"
I have fished all my adult life, over 40 years. I practice catch and release. I do however take what I can eat. I pay top dollar to enjoy the experience, and have charged the same to other anglers who want to partake in that experience using my knowledge and the adreniline rush of the anticipated bite, and the thrill of the fight when hooked up. 99 times out of 100 that fish is released to fight another day for another angler. There are thousand upon thousand of anglers who fish the oceans, lakes and rivers who practice the same.

For you Don to single out the "Tourist" fisherman as the answer to what ails the overfishing of the reefs and oceans in and around Belize is disengenious.If the overtaking of marine species is the delemia, Then have the Fisherman who take the tourist Dollars , who allow the indiscrimate catch of all species, because they see the profit in a hatch full of fish Curtail this practice. Tell the Tourist he/she can catch all they want but are allowed to keep only a certain amount. Have the Goverment of Belize start setting catch quota's. slot limits, aggregate creel limits, etc. Yeah what a joke,the Govt of Belize could care less. The guides do as they please, charge prevailing rates, let the " Tourist " catch what they can, knowing all too well they, the guides, will possess the catch and make even more money by selling it to the local populace, resturant, or fish market. Giving not a tinkers damn what harm they are doing to the ecology or the fish population. If you belive different you are living in a dream world. It's easy to blame someone else, and of course the cash spending tourist who does nothing but pump dollars into the economy is the easiest target. Wake up!!!. change the rules, hold the Guides and the local fishermen to the standards that will save your ecology and your Marine life. I'm possitive this will not happen, I'm sure the Govt. will shrug this off, they have more places to exploit than the local fishing regulations. There is no money in it for them..

Don't cast a broad brush on tourists, the tourist supports your lifestyle, the tourist bolsters your economy, the tourist has built your infrastucture ( via taxes levied) the tourist is not your bane. It's your fishing guides who still think the ocean is bottemless when it comes to the marine life it contains.

Quote POGO: " We Have Met The Enemy, And They Are Us"

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