Yes and No , don't you just hate when people say that.
Some post the intention in a newspaper or public place like the library or town hall to have a defense if the objection comes later they can say they asked first. notices in the paper sometimes mention the posting is in Belmopan, (not likely a place Ambergrisans will travel to for the purpose of keeping informed).
Its not really effective and seems like a trick on the public to get it buy them.
There is a new deal, Major Paz has taken over control of the Ambergris Caye Planning authority recently and change is in the wind.
Part of the problem is not all of Ambergris Caye is in the Township and when its not permissions come from Belmopan with out an opinion of the Town Board. Another side to it is the seabed and Beach is under the jurisdiction of Belmopan.Its a real battle of control between local gov. and national gov. Each want the revenue from Fees and Graff, but San Pedro also wants To protect their home.
A good example of Out of control is the Dredging permits. The law gives Belmopan the authority to give permits to Dredge and even though the San Pedro Town board may be against it. Craig Moore in the Department of Mines and Geology in Belmopan feels Dredging the Sea Bed is good for Development so he approves it with out consulting the Township.
At this moment the huge new project at Journeys End is dredging the hell out of the entire sea bed area and pumping the salty silt onto the land salting the freshwater aguafer killing trees and destroying fresh water wells in the area, all with objections of San Pedro but with a permit from Creig Moore in Belmopan.
Its a big mess.

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