Where to go on a Monday night? Well here's the scoop. The Roadkill Bar is a good choice and across the street you have Punta at Canuck's. Sadly Dennis Wolf is suffering from a sore throat but the show must go on and it seems an interesting mix being tossed together too. I'll be hopping back and forth and be running off to bed by 10:00 because I'm a morning guy but possibly the fun will go on past my bedtime and the diehards may find dancing late at Iguanna gardens at the same location behind The Roadkill. P.S. I like to dance and I'm single. crazy Feel free to chat up your Monday favs. And mark your calendars for May 5th. Great bands, and an auction with awesome stuff going to be happening at Wet Willy's and I promise to Video the event. Hold your hand up in front of your face and I'll edit ya out later. No charge. wink

There are events for kids too on the beach nearby and it starts early. Check for an official posting on that. The event is raising funds for the new school being built across the bridge here in San Pedro.

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