Hi D-Doug! Just got back from 6 days of flyfishing on AC. Several of the resorts have fishing packages that are comparable to El Pescador. If everyone that is going is fishing, that is the way to go. You can book a guide directly, I highly reccommend the Bradley Brothers, George or Roberto for flyfishing. You can call them at 011-501-26-2179. Call about 8pm central time so if he is fishing that day he'll have time to get home. We fished with George, he is an excellent guide and waits on you hand and foot. We caught lots of bones and one tarpon, although if we returned tomorrow I'm sure we could catch more tarpon. There is a big learning curve on catching tarpon. It is imperative that you can softly land a fly within a 2' circle at 40' in a 15 knot wind if you expect to catch many fish. 60' distance is even better. George can get you close to fish, but you have to put the fly in front of the fish. Copper colored polarized glasses really helped, as well as sports stick sun screen and SPF 45 lip sunscreen. The sun is brutal if you fish all day. We had a wonderful time, stayed at Victoria House. Excellent service and facilities, but a bit pricey. See my reply to fishing guides this site, and on the AC message board, and on virtual flyfisher site.
If you like I can tell you which flies and what equipment we used.