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I thought some of you might be interested in this or maybe your children may enjoy it.

Welcome to the Great Turtle Race! This is where researchers tagged 11 turtles with satellite tags to track their journey home to the Galapagos Islands. The site is done in flash, due to all the awesome animation. If you don't have a Flash player, you can get one here.

The Race - This is the section that shows an animated version of the race. You can watch the path the turtles took to get to the Galapagos Islands. You can also watch the leader board to see how the turtles changed positions in ranking and once the race is over, you'll get to see who won!

Meet the Turtles - Here you can meet the turtles that raced. There are 11 different turtles and each card states their name and who sponsored them in the race. Click on the card of the turtle you'd like to check out and you'll be whisked away to their page.

Leatherback World: On the Brink - Enter the leatherback's world and click the warning signs to learn more about the turtles and their environment. There is a lot to learn here and the information is presented in a playful manner to keep you interested, but learning at the same time. I really enjoyed learning about these turtles!

Meet the Champions - No, you don't meet the champion of the race again, but you do get to meet the people who are supporting these turtles everyday, while making it their goal to help these turtles survive. It's divided into three sections and it really looks at how they are changing these turtles' lives with their efforts.

Sea Turtle School - Here you can learn more about sea turtles, from Sea Turtle 101 to Fun Facts to Sea Turtle Science. For teachers, you can also find ways to teach about sea turtles in your classroom. You can find Questions and Answers about the turtles here, as well as, books and blogs.

How Can I Help? - Of course, this section encourages you to donate money to the sea turtles, but that's not why I'm bringing this site to you. This section has great information on how you can help sea turtles in your everyday life as well. From keeping plastics out of the water (leatherbacks accidentally eat them, because they look like jellyfish) to keeping yourself informed and eating seafood that doesn't harm sea turtles or marine life, there is so much you can do to help. You can also learn about the threats sea turtles face everyday and read some answers to other questions.

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