Why is it that we as humans always look for the negative in any situation. Someone like Bono, a humanitarian and one of the World's finest artists, when doing amazing work with the World's starving children, is commented on regarding his tax structure?

We see a beautiful woman on the island, sucessful, independent and you hear someone say, "Oh, she does Botox". She looks good! Who cares.

A businessman on the island is shooting to the top of his game, expanding, growing with the island, opening shops and you here someone comment, "Oh he drinks too much", or, "He does drugs". What difference does that make?

You here someone say, "I'm going to Aruba for a great family vacation", and a friend says, "Oh, haven't you heard, they kidnap young girls there". ?? They kidnap people in the US too!

Why is it that with the best of situations, someone always has to point out the negative? Does it bring a feeling of self importance or is it human nature to rain on people's parades?

If you look for the brown in life, you'll probably find it. Good news doesn't sell, I guess, and a bad report gets four times more coverage than a good one. Too bad we can't focum more on the positive.


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