Imarquis BC's BarBQ is Sunday. Holiday House BarBQ Tuesday I think. Also depending on where you are staying you can arrange your own BarBQ on your beach! In fact my favorite Beach BarBQ is served at lunch time! After we catch plenty of snapper in the morning and snorkel to cool off, our captain Mr Luz Guerreo cooks it Belizean style on the beach with a coconut fire. YUM!! This is on the North end of the Island by Mexico Rocks, but I am sure you could grill it anywhere and anytime you want.
Drinks will be easy to find everywhere - but you will have to find out when & where the dancing is when you are there. Don't know if Iguana is open every night for disco, and although there is lots of music, live bands with dancing is harder to find!
Email me at if you want to know more about Mr Luz.
Belize it!