GoB has the country and taxpayers burden in debt. In a report prepared for the CDB, GoB had to come clean and reveal all its secret guarantees, including those to PUP families and cronies.

Interesting new revelations show that US$500,000 - a million Belize dollars - guaranteed for the Northern Fishermen Co-operative at the Belize Bank. Northern Fishermen Co-operative is chaired and managed by Prime Minister Said Musaís close relatives. The document also reveals a $2.1 Million Guarantee for Big Time PUP cronie Bill Lindo, W & S Engineering Ltd.

In terms of private sector guarantees, GoB has a US$16 million guaranteed as a buy back for the Port of Belize. That guarantee confirms it as a government-guaranteed privatization. The Port of Belize is owned by another BIG TIME PUP Cronie Luke Espat. Luke Espatís Port of Belize has been in the middle of controversy since its inception, and currently in dispute with the Stake Bank Project which, according to our source, will build another port. And of course there are still those two Intelco promissory notes that government is paying to the International Bank of Miami for its Intelco intercom system.

Said Musaís legacy of being the most Corrupted politician in Belize will he sealed in history. Said Musa and his PUP ministers have placed a huge burden on the people of Belize, a burden which will last generations to come. The PUP Government has proven to be one of corruption, dishonestly and secret deals to close PUP families and cronies.

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