Geez, Harriette, if only I'd been old enough to enjoy all that free sex in the 60's!!! OMG

How was it??

(wicked grin)

beachz . . don't worry about it. You are going anyway. If you get rained on, it will be warm and you will dry off quickly enough. One of my best times was on Ambergris Caye in the month of November. It rained off and on. My friends and I walked the streets. It was so quiet because many Belizeans don't like being out in the rain. But we were like little kids splashing through puddles and letting the mud splatter up our legs.

Now having said all that, I've also been there a number of times in the months of December and January when the rains weren't anywhere near that pleasant and I was just happy to come out of a mud puddle with both shoes still on my feet. Regardless, there wasn't one second that I wasn't happy to be just where I was at that point in time.

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