I was quite pleasntly surprised to find this forum! We are thinking about planning our first trip to Belize.

I'm a bit of a photographer - and my wife and I are headed to AC later this year. I'm curious about any advice you might give for us. We were thinking about Victoria House as a place to stay, and planning to visit the ruins as well as a little diving of course. And taking TONS of pictures...

Curious about a couple things from those that are native, or have visited extensively:
-Best place for some serious female form photography, waterfalls, etc.
-Requirements for novices to dive.
-Worth obtaining/bringing an underwater photography case for my DSLR?
-Suggestions on places to stay.

I know reading throught threads I will gain some of this imformation, but I really wanted some direct conversation about SP/AC. We aren't typical touristy people, and would rather get involved more when possible as more of a local.

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