Hello! Have been reading this forum for the last several days, and have already gained alot of useful info. Thank you!

My boyfriend and I will be traveling to AC for Christmas week. Dec. 23-28. We've not been before. VERY excited about our little trip. We know it will be great!

Just wondering, what is Christmas week like on AC? Do businesses close that week? Or just on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Will bars and restaurants be open? Shops? Grocery stores? Do we need to do any advance planning because of the holiday?

Will we find any companies open to take us to Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley?

We certainly understand that it is a holiday week, just want to know what to expect.

Also, I saw a great post on tripadvisor about which grocery stores were where. They mentioned that you buy your Beliken beer at the distributor on the south end of town, and then it is delivered. Is this the only store to buy beer? We are too old to be spring breakers, however, we do like our beer. (Iam 41, he is 58)

Will there be any festivities for the holiday? Anything that we can see or participate in? Or a mass?

We are from the Atlanta area. I want to snorkel, he....not so much. But will go anyway. More than anything, we really want to relax and enjoy the area.

Any help you folks can give us would be greatly appreciated. And if anyone else will be there that week, please let me know. Maybe we can get together for a drink.

I realize it is early, however, I want to go ahead and ask my questions as they pop into my head. For the next few months I will be busy training for the Atlanta Breast Cancer 3-day. Sometimes I walk and walk and am so tired when I get home, I forgot what I wanted answers to! Gotta get them out of my brain while I still remember!

Thank you and have a wonderful day!