Sallycaya, don't feel offended that they didn't tell you where he was. It is standard procedure. Would you walk into an art gallery in the U.S. and expect the owner to give you a map and directions to an artist's house that they represent? Of course not. Galleries make an investment in an artist, buying their work, promoting their careers, displaying their work, and would not like to be done out of their commissions by people going directly to the artist. Of course it happens all the time here, with the retail outlet being cut out of the loop. Its a small place, people aren't that hard to find if you want to look for them. I would never give out an artists' personal information, like how to get to their house or how to contact them direct. Its more than just being cut out of the loop and missing out on that commission. Artists sell in galleries because they want their privacy respected. If they didn't care, then they would just open their own showroom in their house and underwrite the cost of promoting themselves.