I wanted to share with anyone who knew Kristina the very sad news of her passing.

Kristina lived for quite a few years on AC before heading out to Cayo a couple of years ago to open a restaurant , Chinga's, (across from the Venus Hotel by Evas)

She then lived in Hopkins until getting sick earlier this year when she came to the States to get some medical attention. The diagnosis was made and Kristina never got to return to Belize nor even leave the hospital. It was just so sudden and a good friend, a strong giving woman with a wonderful spirit was gone...

I know Kristina had many friends in all parts of Belize and had touched many people with her kindness and generosity.

She is survived by one son, Taki, a brother and sister in Sweden, and many , many friends.

Friends of hers who would like to say goodbye to her in the country she loved and lived in are planning to get together in Hopkins on the weekend of August 24th. If anyone knows friends of Kristina's who may not read this board, could you please share this and let them know?

Rest in Peace, dear friend.