So I'm getting some conflicting information and impressions and wanted to see what the general vibe is down there.

We're supposed to be leaving on a flight down there in about 8 hours. I've been watching Dean like a hawk and while yesterday was looking pretty bad, today things are looking a bit better for Belize, but not so good for Cancun.

We checked with the owner of the house we are staying at and he said the impression he's getting is that it is going to move north, as has been the impression mentioned by some others here.

Obviously I know that things can change at anytime, but I was starting to get a better feeling for Belize to be spared, at least the brunt of it.

I sent an e-mail Steve at FishingSanPedro since I have fishing trips scheduled for early next week to see about rescheduling for later next week to avoid the bad weather and his response was a lot more worrisome.

He indicated that the general feeling is that Dean is heading right for us and is due around Monday or earlier, that he recommends changing plans and look at making recommendations at an inland mainland resort, that if we head out to the island we'll be in the middle of an evacuation.

If it does come in as a Cat 4 or 5 up by Cancun, what kind of impact can we expect down at Ambergris Caye? Should I be trying to reschedule or cancel my trip right now? We've been planning this thing for a year and half, I'd hate to cancel but I'd hate to fly down and be in the middle of a hurricane too.

I know that nothing is definite but whats the overall opinion down there right now?