GoHawks and anyone else who is coning to Belize,

Fear factor can make certain individuals panic or do many things which when looked at in the clear light of day is without cause.

What we all need to appreciate is that we are dealing with the unknown and businesses such as a dive shops with all their money invested may well think it a god time to have a staff vacation top get the cost out of the way at the same time etc.

This next 24 hours will give a much better indication as to the Hurricanes path. History shows that in almost every case the winds drive Gods power north. That is the prognosis which ends up in the opinion that the storm will go north.

None of us know which way it will go, it is the lap of the Gods.

We receive US Television here and are as up to date as anyone. Most people are staying and will continue to do so. Please anyone who thinks Belize does not know how to protect it's citizens and visitors in such a climate must be very much misinformed. We are part of a regional response whom are very much in the know!

Sterling is the man who is potentially again in the forefront following his recent headline exploits in The Med. It his his boats which stay and his staff, colleagues and team who remain to save lives and property wherever possible.