Hello Ambergris Caye,

We were there on your lovely island Aug 4th - 5th. My thoughts and prays go out to all of you. I know many of you can prepare for this hurricane, but what happens to the ones who don't have the means.
While on the island we traveling on the North and South part of the island. We saw many people that would not have the means to evacuate. The island is so flat I could see the water surge going over the whole island if the conditions were right. I have seen this happen here in Florida many hurricanes.
It sounds like many of you are staying as I have been reading your messages.
When Ivan came through Florida years ago. My husband, the boy scout he is, prepared for 3 weeks of food and water -knowing we would be without power for a long time. We were the lucky ones. We were only without power for one week. Many others went without power for several weeks and into the months.

Keep us all posted on this site....as there are many readers on this board who care about all of you!

Take care,
All the Best,

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