ladyville update

1) gas station out of regular gas at 11am (gas prices down
a bit to 9.55 a gallon since sunday)
2) but food vendors selling pre-packaged r &beans as at 12

3) love reporting power outage at the central station in bc
4) we still have power in ladyville

5) no bread on shelves in ladyville
6) plywood prices thru the roof up at least 50% in most

7) thunder & lightening from bc to corozal (and rains) and
continuing for the past 15 mins
8) new airport security checkpoint; all vehicles stopped &
questioned before entry

9) 2 red flags up everywhere

10) northern highway will be shut down at 8pm... cant reach
villages b.boom, b. landing, rancho d, lemonal, cocklaugh,
flowers benk, others...

11) more later...