people in central park watching the waves 8:10pm being asked to go inside by the bdf

slight drizzle

under curfew

waves getting bigger. radio staff was asked by the bdf to leave the park.
from corozal

The times are very quite here -- for the last hour or so -- to quite -- not
even the slightest breeze -- dead stillness -- not birds chirping --
crickets -- frogs -- chickens crowing -- dogs barking -- snakes slithering
-- nada.

The sky is clear and spotted with a few normal looking high up clouds --
Moon and stars shining brite.

About ten minutes ago some very slight breezes stirred up -- and from the
north -- and cool -- almost chilly -- but just little tiny puffs.

I guess they no kid about the quite time just before the storm --

I'm cooking up a big supper -- who knows when we get to eat easy and well
again -- eh??

Using Google earth and the "Distance" function

One hour ago -- Center of Dean's Eye was 235 miles away

If Dean lands at 19 North (present unanimous prediction -- it will touch
land 184 miles from my house here in Xaibe.

The closest it will pass will be about 60 miles to the due north.

The active outer bands are presently 91 miles away from my house.

The very powerful bands -- great intensities -- are 163 miles away.

At 20 mph -- outer active banks (tropical force winds) should hit here 3
hours minus one hour -- 2 more hours

The major activity -- hurricane force winds -- say building to a max of 100
mph -- will hit in 8 - 1 = 7 more hours.

The entire event will probably last -- intense part -- 8 hours.

Should start 8 PM and be over by 4 AM tomorrow morning.

Think I drink a liter of strong wine and sleep it off in the shelter!!