they asked winston if there was any chance it would turn to the sw and he said NOTHING indicates such a thing will occur. should be worse weather for the next

6 hours til landfall. once it hits it slows. conditions will be really bad for how long they asked winston... the rear end of the storm the severe weather is of less duration. 3-4 hours on the south side, if 6hours of bad weather on the north side of the storm

don't be fooled by the apparent calm when the eye comes over. wait for the all clear.

conditions are deteriorating now over all of Belize. Waves will be up 9-14 feet, flash floods and heavy rain on the mainland

time to hunker down, to stay where we are, where the flashlight is, its time to be as safe as we possibly can. stay indoors. relax, feel free to feel you took the right precautions. then you will be ok. we have prepared for the worse case, if it doesn't get that bad then fine.