I assume you are refering to the latest gig..the "Tourism Police", checking the guides and dive shops for the right papers. Beautiful! (How 'bout the Tourism Policeman who got into that little intoxicated struggle outside the Bare Foot Iguana with another drunken customer last week? Gives new meaning to "Crowd Control" San Pedro style..they watch too much TV from LA.)

Radar guns would be good, if the Tourism Police (see above) had had one he would have just sterilized the other guy, not removed "anything". Can they read as slow as the "posted" limits 10 or 15 mph.
Please take note that under every speed limit sign is a town board endorsed religious tenet. IT'S NOT HELPING THEM SLOW DOWN! They can't read the damn thing when they careeing around the corner , brake pedal finished, flat to the floor.

Woody's newest two "Sleeping Policeman" are good, but the bigger trucks just blow over them and make a joke of trying to loosen them up. The ropes are so damn big that we literally had to give the cart a shove to get over them twice. We saw two cars sittings there during the week with flats from hitting those big 'ol ropes so hard. That was pretty funny.