Traffic on this island truly is a problem!! Not only are we overloaded with drivers that appear not to have an ounce of driving knowledge or common sense....but the pollution from the exhausts of run-down, poorly maintained trucks is getting out of hand. I was behind one this morning on my way to work and I literally had to pull off the road and let him go on ahead. I thought I was leaving all that smog behind in the states! Too bad they couldn't rig the trucks to burn Malathion....then they could work and kill the mosquitoes at the same time! Hmmmm? [Linked Image]
With the growth and construction that is going on right now....I understand the need for heavy vehicles to move the supplies. I just wish there was a better way for them to move around in town so they don't clog up the traffic flow and make unGodly noise and pollution. It is true the police do absolutely nothing to control speeding violations...or any other for that matter. Until they do....drivers will continue to drive exactly how they are right now...why change? That is the area that needs to be improved. It's time for the police force to recognize the problem and do their part in helping to maintain safe streets.
IT'S THEIR JOB!! Make sure you mention that to the Town Board when you write.

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