Not to worry, even Eden had that little trouble with the apple thing. "Paradise" is still in pretty good shape.

Sandshaker has hit used to be a sleepy little burg, but now it's growing up. The Town Board needs to get the pickups and dump trucks under control, but they can't get the Traffic Control officers to, in most cases, ticket their own relatives.

This is a real unusual situation. Even the locals were talking about the driving when we there.

We're all just a little spoiled. If you want to get me really going let's talk about the commercial barges on the reef side of the island. (No..let's not.)

Sandshaker-Those long pieces of re-rod sticking out of the third floor of the building next door to you...are those new communications devices for Harmouch? Surely you don't think their going to throw up that forbidden fourth floor.