LOL....good grief ......who knows!
I'm just waiting anyday for one of them to get tangeled in all the electrical lines that hang on the balconies of the street side as decorations. That outta light things up! Very poor planning if you ask me...LOL
who would want a room with a transformer as your view????
I just wish they would hurry up and get the darn thing built!!!....GRRRRR....LOL

Good point about the barges....we have run into many problems trying to get our construction supplies up to Basil Jones. Right now, this is the only way to go. Fortunately the barge moves well within the reef but can only take less than full loads because the water gets very shallow up in that area and they end up breaking a prop.
I had heard rumour that they were thinking about dredging out the lagoon side a bit so the barge could move freely on the back side of the island. This would be it would keep this type of traffic away from the reef side of the island. I haven't heard any more concerning this rumour though.
For right now.....we don't have much of a choice I'm afraid. [Linked Image]

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