guys, you have given all these new-bies the idea there is like U.S. traffic here! it is not at all the same thing as going to the caribbean islands (regarding traffic) not to belittle the islands concerns, just attention to the 1st time visitors. they are talking as opposed to several years ago when there were NO CARS OR TRUCKS AT ALL, but now there are several included construction vehicles. the roads are not paved, but there are many more carts and vans now than i saw in 1993, and never saw a taxi back then. was there last week and i had no problems walking though town, very confident even when alone. i did not bike or cart it, and like here, walked the right side of shoulder. NO PROBLEM, but watch behind you now and then. as for pollution, maybe some sand or dirt flying up is all! it is an improverished town (though happy) and most people, i think, cant even afford the golf carts. dont' worry. i agree with choochoo though, if it gets you where you are going, walk the beach, its cooler anyhow.

again, i understand the town's concern, it has increased quite a bit, but to the new visitor, you will laugh at what they are calling traffic. it isnt quite what you think. hope i haven't offended anyone.

ps - marty - if the town is concerned about tourist opinions (maybe not!), the trash and sewage, aside from front street but especially around the boatyard area, could be addressed. staying at JE north of the cut i had to catch my water taxi there often. friendly smiling folks but kinda dirty, smelly area. bothered me much more than the traffic. again, please, no offense intended.