missmhenderson, sure looks like you are reading it correctly to me, based on the pics we are seeing other posters put up on this site. I was just over at The Weather Channel and the pics they have posted as at 4:01 EDT do not show the eye as far west, but then again, perhaps it is because they were taken an hour earlier than actual time now. This is a bit confusing to me.

Here is a report from someone on Roatan, posted about 7 pm there time. I'll bet things have been a bit worse since then.

"As Dean passes by the Bay Islands, Roatan, sitting at 16.38, about 150 miles south of the eye,
is being pelted by wind gusts of 30+ knots and we expect more throughout the night.
Relieved we are not in the path again, but nonetheless,
cautious of what Mother Nature can bring on, at any moment. Most workers returned home about 4:00pm
today and Roatan has pretty much shut down for the night. Most are socked in and not moving anywhere.
We continue to pray for those in Belize and the Yucatan where Dean is heading at the moment. All is well
on Roatan and God bless those in Dean's path..."

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