from corozal

> According to that graphic -- we should be in intense winds now --
> probably are to -- no way to measure them.

..and a hint you don't wanna get flung away as fish food.

> But I don't see it worse than tropical force like whehn Chantel
> passed -- yet!!
> But -- it moght not get much worse -- we might yet luck out!!
> No big trees down around here --
> Man -- it is so good to have a Slo-Go genset -- can't even hear the
> noise of it -- just steady -- unblinking -- smooth -- power.
> That really stops panic in the family here.
> We will not move into the hurricane shleter if it does not get much
> worse than right now.
> What a way to wake up in the middle of the night!!
> I went to be early caused I figured this would happen -- and wanted
> to get some rest first.
> It is raining -- but rather lightly -- though it hits like shot gun
> pellets.

..those are hints you should get your ass 'n family into your shelter.