I was shocked on my last trip down to AC (August) to find that, because of planned building, a fairly large Maya site that actually may have buried structures and burials is being bulldozed in San Pablo Town without even an archaeological survey being done. It's just south of the lake, on the east-west road from behind the beach that leads to San Pablo Town. You can't miss it -- black dirt and lots of pottery, some very large pieces, chert tools, and even some blocks of limestone (building foundations) that had been exposed by the bulldozer. I've known about this site for about 15 years, but it was always mostly jungle-covered until now. It may rival Marco Gonzalez in size and archaeological information it stores about the ancient Maya that once lived on Ambergris Caye. Patty Arceo, are you listening? Get an archaeologist out there ro run a few test pits before the site is destroyed.

Dr. Sal