It's sounding like things on Ambergris faired much better than expected, and everyone should be safe.

If power is going to be online in the next few hours or this afternoon in San Pedro, what's the outlook like for the northern part of the island?

We were in an house up near Rendezvous (I hope Glenn and Colleen are safe, they said they were staying back on Sunday when we evacuated. Incredible people and their food is wonderful.

We've been staying in some pretty low end hotels in Belmopan since then and we're trying to figure out where we go from here. Our caretaker for the house indicated as soon as power is back on we're more than welcome to use the house again, but without it there is no point on going back since no power = no running water.

Basically at this point we're trying to salvage the rest of our vacation and would prefer to get back to Ambergris, but if not we're thinking of heading south to Placentia. We ran into a local at the restaurant last night, whose wife is from Seattle like us and he suggested going down there if we can't get back to Ambergris.

BTW, weather here was minimal, windy for a while, no more so than a fall windstorm in the Pacific Northwest, at least the parts I saw when awake. A fair amount of rain as well. We lost power, but only for an hour and a half.