Hello all!

I have been pouring over these posts for the last couple of days. I am very glad to hear that AC seems to have weathered the storm in fairly good shape and everyone is safe.

I am currently scheduled to arrive to San Pedro on Friday evening (for the start of a vacation). I am staying at Casa de Suenos - villa north of San Pedro on the lagoon side of the island (managed by Caye Managment). As you can imagine, I am more then a little interested in the effects Dean has has on this property as well as effects on my plans in general. I am still waiting to hear back from the property management company. I assume they evacuated the island and may not even be back yet.

If anyone could provide insight into whether or not I should be considering re-thinking my plans... please let me know! As this is my first trip to Belize, I am feeling a little lost in all the information and any direction/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!