As a 'future' resident of AC I too am very thankful to Marty for keeping this board up and running through all this...and I am SO glad to hear that it sounds like things are in no way as bad as I'd envisioned from the TV reports (what info I saw rarely mentioned Belize!) We feared the worst..we'd love to see some photos too of how AC fared!! As some of you have said, God must love that island! By the way, does anyone know anything of how the area up around Journey's End/Butterfly Jungle fared? MataGrande Studios area? If anyone hears from Valley Ruddick..tell her Nancy & Stephen hope all's ok at the nursery!!
I too would be there to help....if I could afford to take off and get there!! smile

“Sometimes I go this way, sometimes I go that way-but it's always MY way!" LOL! "Cheshire" in CA