On Sunday August 19th, we relocated our guest to our sister hotel the Belize Biltmore Plaza in Belize City.
Immediately we commenced tropical storm preparation, however as the day progressed, it was decided that we should go into Hurricane preparedness. By the time the government called the first flag were had completed our plan of action.
As we hunkered down for DEAN, the first feeder was felt at around 1230 pm Monday August 20th, the sea action started early afternoon, as the evening progressed conditions deteriorated. It felt worst than our experience with hurricane Keith. The manager and 11 other team members and immediate family used the hotel for shelter. We also accommodated 2 section of BDF personnel at the hotel.
The SunBreeze Hotel has sustained no structural damage, we got some beach erosion and battered foliage.
We anticipate to be fully operational by Thursday August 23rd, 2007.