i don't have a definitive list. a number of docks took damage. some more than others. I know the following:

1. The Victoria House palapa is floating around in the sea.
2. The Sandbar is apparently a-ok.
3. The dive shop at Royal Palms is now nestled against the wall around the grounds.
4. Mata Rocks bar area was a bit beat up but the buildings are fine.
5. The board walk at Banana Beach is a little beat up but the buildings are fine.
6. The dive shop and restaurant at Banyan Bay were a little beat up but the buildings are fine. Grand Colony looked fine.
7. the grounds at Xanadu were a bit beat up, some trees etc but the buildings are all fine.
8. Carribean Villas grounds looked fine, the dock might be a little damaged.
9. Coral Bay Villas looked fine. You could see a high water mark right up near the buildings, so you know the waves came in very far.
10. the fence that was up between Coral Bay and Perla is gone for the most part.
11. Perla looked fine.
12. Coconuts (or what ever it's called) didn't seem to take too much damage - the buildings looked ok.
13. Woody's Wharf pier looked a bit wonky.
14. There were some trees down and such around Exotic Caye/Canucks, but no damage to the buildings that I saw.
15. The grounds at Belize Yacht Club looked fine.
16. Changes in Lattitudes was fine.
17. Tropical Touch pier took some damage, O"Farrell house looked fine.
18. The island academy fence went down in spots.
19. Barry Bowens' house looked fine. We are all preying that his pier is ok because that's where the Beer comes in.
20. Ramon's grounds and pier took some damage but i believe the buildings are all ok.
21. Palms was fine
22. Belizian Reef was fine
23. BC's is fine
24. Sunbreeze looked fine.
25. Fido's looked fine.

I missed everything from Sunbreeze to Fido's because I went to check our apartment.