Oops! Here is the email: The electricity just went on one hour ago but all is well here on the
island and at the school. It wasn't as devastating as it was projected by the weather reports. At the last minute the direction shifted in our favor and we were receiving the winds out of the south due to the spinning rotation of the hurricane. Due to the water surge there was a huge lake that connected the lagoon to the ocean by Francis/Vernon's house.
Fortunately, we had taken the dogs to our house. The water doesn't appear to have entered the buildings. Tomorrow we should be able to get to the school and to the house. Some of the docks were destroyed but most of the damage was to the plant life. Many broken branches and debris. There were no reported casualties. The cleanup process started immediately and in some areas it appears untouched. I'm sure business will be as usual tomorrow since the electricity has been restored. Thank-you for the prayers!

Sarah Blackmun-Eskow
The Pangaea Network
Santa Barbara CA