Re: Belizean Shores
We live at Coco Beach full time. It is being built by Herm Penland and is just down the beach from Belizean Shores. We left just before the hurricane hit so I don't have first hand information but can relay that Belizean Shores suffered little damage. Lost a few roof tiles and a lot of vegitation has been knocked down. Similar to most resorts on the island.

The internet at the resort is down as well as cell phones over most of San Pedro.

Herm's office in town has phone service. 501-226-2005

Doug Penland is at the resort: cell 501-624-5859 if it is working
Jim Henry is General Manager cell 501-605-4067 if it is working

We have talked to several friends and everything is doing well. Power outages in some places, but that should be repaired soon.