Here is a letter the dive shop at Costa Maya Reef email me today.

Hi all,
Thanks for all of your thoughts and well wishes. All of our staff are fine, Amy, Wil and Steven left the island on Sunday afternoon, and Tracey, Craig and Jorge locked themselves inside their homes for a very blustery night.
We awoke on Tuesday morning and were relieved and surprised to find very little damage. Many piers are damaged, a lot of trees either snapped in half or got uprooted and from what I could tell about 10 boats sunk. No major structural damage anywhere I could see. Costa Maya Reef Resort lost their end of pier palapa, and quite a bit of their lower dock. The gardens took a beating and 2 massive palm tress snapped in half, fortunately falling away from the buildings. Buildings are all fine as are Urbano and Edmund, who stayed at the resort throughout. The rest of the staff had still not reported back by the time we left there on Wednesday at 2pm, but most of them evacuated the island. Mata Chica’s end of pier structure is a bit lopsided, but still standing, and I believe their small boat is not operational yet. Other than that all units looked fine when we went past yesterday. Portofino has some minor dock damage, but they had some guests check in yesterday (Wednesday), and restaurant is open for business.
Our dive shop got some minor thatch damage, but is still standing and we cleaned it out yesterday, restocked it, and are ready for business today. All boats made it, with only minor cosmetic damage from being parked in the mangroves. We do consider ourselves extremely lucky, but a lot of the reasons for there being so little carnage, is that we had a lot of notice for this system, and everyone took the necessary precautions with plenty of time to spare.
Once again thanks for your positive thoughts, and we hope to see you all soon.
Craig, Tracey, Amy, Jorge, Steven, and Wil (who has left us to start a new life in the US )