Fri Aug 24 13:02:53 2007

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Hi Christopher,
We must have ESP! I was about to call you about your reservation for
tomorrow and then follow up with the below email.

We'd like our guests to feel safe and welcomed to the resort so shortly
after the hurricane. It is best that our guests know what to expect at the
resort and know that they can still enjoy the tranquility that remains on
the island. If you have any questions or concerns with the below email
please let me know.

On behalf of the General Manager of the Costa Maya Reef Resort we are happy
to announce the arrival of our guests for this Saturday, August 25th, 2007.
It is evident that during your stay you will notice that the resort and area
have sustained some damage due to Hurricane Dean. Our Resort staff has been
working around the clock to clean-up the debris and is making every attempt
to satisfy our guests so shortly after the hurricane.
Our water and sewer system is up and running.
The end of the dock where we once had a Palapa and stairs to the ocean for
snorkeling, swimming and fishing will not be accessible. We are happy to
announce that the "Belize Academy of Diving" is at our Resort and open for
business. Our guests are welcome to enjoy a limited portion of our beach
with lounge chairs, or an enjoyable spot would be beside the pool area where
your needs may be met.
Power has not been restored to the North part of the island however we are
running our own power generating system which is capable of handling our
resort needs. At this time, the Belize Electricity Company (BEL) is stating
that they expect to have power to the North end of the island by next week;
we can only hope that it will be earlier than later. Our power generating
plant is regularly serviced and we are keeping our diesel tanks full for
situations like this. In the event of a failure to the Resorts power
generating system, and our worst case scenario could be that our guests
would have to relocate to hotels in San Pedro, at their own expense, where
full power has been restored.
Both Tropic Air and Maya Island Air, and the Water Taxi have resumed
schedule to the island from Belize City. Our Costa Maya boat is still on
schedule to pick you up at Hustler's dock on Saturday for either the 2:30
p.m. or 6:15 p.m. boat ride to the resort. Island Ferry has also resumed on
Our food and beverage outlets will be in full service, and our activity
center and convenience store will be in full operation. Please keep in mind
that some services and amenities may be limited at the Costa Maya Resort and
possibly in the San Pedro area.

The Costa Maya Reef Resort has made every attempt to succeed in fulfilling
your planned vacation, and we are positive that we can give our guests a
warm "welcome home" to our Belizean hospitality.

See you Saturday!

Have a great day!
Shannon Gertner
Customer Relations Agent
5006 Fairmont Frontage Rd
Fairmont Hot Springs, BC V0B 1L1 Canada
[email protected]
Direct: (250) 345-6566
Fax: (250) 345-6320
Toll-Free: 1-877-451-1250 (from Canada/USA)