Brion Young and his family lived on the island for the past several years, where he worked as a divemaster for Barefoot Watersports and Protec. He, his wife Maria and their two children moved back to Cayo a year or so ago where he continues to work in the tourism industry. Those of you who know Brion know what a kind and loving father he is.

Brion's 11 year old daughter Kenisha, was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in her left knee area on August 5th. Kenisha's only treatment option in Belize is amputation. Since the diagnosis, Brion has desparately tried to find a treatment facility in the US that specializes in pediatric cancers. Unless he can find a facility to write a letter indicating that they will treat Kenisha for free, the US Customs and Immigration will not even issue her a VISA to visit the US.

Brion has since taken Kenisha to Meridia, Mexico where she is in the hospital doing further diagnostics. The concern is that the cancer may have already spread. At the most progressive treatment centers, limb salvaging surgery along with chemo has proven very effective in treating pediatric osteosarcoma, but without this treatment, her prognosis is very poor.

My hope by posting this is that someone out there will see it and know someone who might be willing and able to help. Does anyone have a connection with a physician or hospital who may be willing to help her? I've been trying to find a facility since I received his e-mail on August 6th. In the mean time, Brion is unable to work while he is in Mexico taking care of Kenisha. If anyone would like to send Brion an e-mail, you can reach him at [email protected]

Several of my local friends in San Pedro are putting money together to help them with their expenses. There are people in Cayo doing fundraisers as well. I will be joining them with a donation of my own and encourage others to help by keeping Kenisha in their prayers, sending well wishes to Brion and if
possible, help defray some of his medical costs by making a monetary donation.

Please don't hesitate to PM if you have more questions. I have seen the medical reports as well as the x-rays, so I can verify that she is a very sick little girl. Thanks everyone for your time!