Will be traveling to Belize for the first time in February/March (haven't decided on exact date yet) and wish to spend 3 days on the mainland and the next 7 on the Ambergris Caye. We would like to go on a jungle tour and do a cave tube. Question? In all of your opinions (which from reading this board now for about two weeks are many)which tours would you suggest and which accomodations would you recomend. As for dollar amount, well I'm not to sure. Don't need to skimp but don't really need extravagant either. I'm mostly excited about our stay on the Caye. I don't know how I will contain myself for the next 6-7 months! I feel like I know some of you already just from reading this board. As soon as I have exact dates of my trip I'll post'em and if any of you will be there during my stay it would be fun to get together for a lounge in the sun and a drink or five!!! And also find out about this BBQ you all talk about. Take care all!!