Source for Belikin...I have an advantage's called large Canadian / British base in southern Alberta and a few buddies from when I was in the Brit ask and you shall recieve...:) Suspect it comes up through the grapevine of special "govenment / extremly important and stategic requests" or at least thats the excuse.

No snow, no ski...thats 6 months of adrenaline lost...even if I have to buy a snow blower it's worth

Ahhh...(blows his trumpet) for those lucky enough to live in Calgary the skiing is great.Lake Loise and Banff just up the road and even Canada Olympic park in the city itself with a kinda extended bunny

Pristine mountain lakes and of course the Kootney lakes over the great divide (about the size of The down's cold water...damn cold......break the ice in winter

So saying.....Belize is calling and my 3mm hasn't left my bag for ages....:(

From past visits...Belize is even more laid back than Western Canada and that's saying So if your'e on a first trip...get ready for one of the most laid back, non institutional and the nicest locals you can wish for. (there are one or two mean ones but isn't there everywhere!!) If you want the Hilton..there's always

Remember...always treat people as you would want to be with courtesy, politness and patience and you'll be fine..:) Plus you'll be booking your next trip as you land at home.