OK, you people are crazy making. What rumors? Where's the golf course going to be Simon? Definitely not a Disney World on the old Kitties lot Elbert. So Sin must mean CMRR?

By the by, I heard numbers of 30,000 a mile to build (dirt, some rock, with drainage pipes where needed) roads including Telephone poles and lines. This was a few years ago so I imagine like everything else, the price has gone up. The Islands only 28 miles long. Main extensions are about twice that. Why is there no power north yet? Am I missing some huge strategy in play? Three years ago if I had the money, (ha ha), I could have bought all of Palm Bay for 1.3 mil incfluding the mortgages. Somebody with 10 mil could have picked it up, put in the roads and power, Placed a marina, a backside barge landing, a gas station, a general store, and a security company with cameras and patrols and badda bing! Gotten their investment back and reaped the increases in values anywhere close by.

I don't know anything either.

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