One solution is to make the buildings less flammable which increases the construction cost considerably. Insurance savings would gain some of that back but not obvious savings to most owners. An obvious compromise is sprinkler systems which would have at least stauled the growth of the fire to allow enough time to combat it. Maybe even put the fire out. 20/20 hindsight. Having been the Owners Rep/Project Manager on many Hotel Renovations in the US, it's inconcievable that they had no sprinklers. The cost to do the whole place would have been about 400,000 US tops and of course it's perfectly justifiable now. Having only driven past the free trade zone and not being inside I'm of course guessing on the figures but I'm sure I'm close to the amount depending on the Contractor and how many middle men were invited to the party. Sad. I drove past it the day before. Had planned to go inside on the 10th actually but was at the Parade Celebration in Corozal Town instead.

Something like this costs loss of sales, jobs and income, the reconstruction costs, and increased Insurance premiums not to mention the destoyed goods. The numbers easily run into the many millions.

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