Good news for north side people! A new spa/resort is about to open it is called Akbol which Iím told means center of the village in Mayan. Although I canít find a web site right now there is something on MySpace. Milio and his wife Kirsten (called Tikki) are wonderful people.

They are taking reservations for the beginning of November and the restaurant ďBeanĒ should be open by the first of December. Tikki is a Yoga instructor and I believe they will have massage and everything that goes with an upscale spa. She is such a fabulous cook you meat lovers will not even miss the meat and you vegetarians will be in heaven.

Akbol is just a shout north of the Palapa Bar Ė on the south side of Nurse Natalieís place. This has been a labor of love and I have been honored to have them here at the Villas @ Del Rio while building. Sophia and Rome are the best behaved children that I have ever met coming from North America.

I hope all of you will welcome them.

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