Wow, seems to be a lot of off-the-cuff , incorrect information being distributed here.

The first issue would be the transportation of a Taser to Belize. The TSA has identified the Taser as a prohibited weapon that cannot be brought past airport security checkpoints by unauthorized personnel. Individual states also have restrictions regarding the transportation of Tasers. For example California prohibits Tasers from being carried into public facilities such as schools and airports. However, it does appear Tasers can be packed in checked luggage.

The second issue would be whether Belize would permit a Taser to be brought into the country. It appears that possession of a Taser without a license is probably prohibited under Belize’s Firearm Act. Under the Act, “firearm” includes any weapon or other thing of any description from which any shot, bullet or other missile can be discharged and includes any component part of any such weapon (including silencers.) The Act specifically excepts toy guns or toy pistols and air guns or air pistols/pellets. Pursuant to the terms of the Act, any firearm or kind of ammunition not coming clearly within a stated exception shall be deemed to be included in the definition. Neither Tasers or stun guns are listed as exceptions and would most probably be counted as a firearm under Belize law. As an interesting side note, I believe a permit for possession costs $75 for a citizen and $500 for a non citizen.

I can never remember which is better . . . safe? . . . or sorry?