We are thinking of going to Ambergris for a week (early Feb) of our trip and Caye Chapel for 3 or 4 days too. We have never been to Belize, so I am doing lots of research.
My hubby likes to golf so wants to go to Caye Chapel, i want to dive, dive, dive so we will spend some time on AC too.
Where is the best place to stay that is close to town, has a nice pool and a good dive shop? Have been looking at Victoria House, Banyan Bay, Ramons and Belizian Shores.
any info on Caye Chapel would be wonderful too. Also any idea if there is a ferry or flight between AC and Caye Chapel?

Add to all this that my hubby will be just off of crutches so a place that is fairly easy to get around would be good too.

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