BEL Outlaws Political Signs on Lampposts

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Putting up political signs on lampposts, itís one of the oldest traditions in Belizeís democracy Ė but itís over; the practice has been outlawed. And no, itís not because politicians finally realized lamp-posts canít vote, itís because BEL has abolished the practice.

BELís Communications Manager Dawn Sampson told us this morning that BEL had to discontinue the practice in line with its new safety standards. So, the new rule is no banners on lampposts, no signs on lampposts, no attachment of any kind on any BEL pole.

But the police apparently didnít get the memo and over the weekend they impounded private contractor Floyd Dixonís truck. Dixon had been hired by BEL hired to clear off the cityís lampposts. He had mostly removed political signs, most of them UDP, and not quite sure what was up, police impounded his vehicle. It was released this morning after what we are told were countless explanations of his mission and the new policy.

Sampson says all political parties had been warned well in advance that the signs would be removed from the lampposts.

Live and let live